The shocking truth about drug and alcohol abuse in college

The prevailing conditions of alcohol abuse in colleges across the country have recently been growing at an alarming rate. Instead of getting a higher education, young adults are getting ‘high’ on campus.

Going to college has enough pressure as it is. Students have fraternities, sororities and other clubs that they have to be a part of plus the added peer pressure just lures them into getting involved in certain illegal activities such as drugs and alcohol abuse.

Legally they are not allowed to drink until they are 21 but we all know how dorm parties go and everyone has some stash of drug or alcohol. Plus there isn’t any parental or adult supervision on the kids, which they take for granted because they are experiencing ‘true freedom and adulthood’ for the first time in their lives. Binge drinking until one passes out is basically the rite of passage in a fraternity or the cool kids club.

While some students do substance abuse because of peer pressure, others do it to break away from the study pressure, releasing stress or just out of boredom.

Binge drinking

According to a report published, there are over 2 million college age kids in the United States that binge drink at least once a month. This could be either at a dorm or while partying with friends. Although alcohol is not allowed on campus and strict measures are taken to prevent it to come on campus, but a large student population can’t be controlled into sneaking in alcohol.

Getting high

After binge drinking and alcohol abuse, getting high is something many students get involved in. the most common drugs they use are pot, marijuana, weed, ecstasy, Mary Jane and reefers. According to a study conducted by Harvard, over 40% of college students have tried drugs on campus at least once during their 4 years.

After marijuana got legalized, it has become quite troublesome to control the students from smoking it, because there are different age limits to using it. After a couple of uses, it is quite easy for the students to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. This starts to affect their grades. No party is complete without the use of drugs. Even if it is a drug free party, there is somebody in the crowd who has some stash to provide to others.

OTC drugs

To avoid getting arrested or caught on campus, many students also get over-the-counter medicines as a substitute for real drugs. Cough syrups and sleeping pills are quite popular in providing the same ecstatic effect to students, if consumed in larger quantities. Nobody suspects anything at the pharmacy because they are not prescription based drugs.

College crime

Although crimes on campuses are rare, but drug and alcohol abuse certainly plays a role in making the person commit crimes such as lynching or rape. Again it is to point out that these are rare.


Signs of drug or alcohol abuse

Not attending classes

Change of behavior

Reeking of alcohol

High-eyes (the bloodshot eyes)

Bad grades

Withdrawing from socializing


Getting agitates easily


Lack of focus


In the case a college student becoming an addict, it is best if the family, friends or teachers do an intervention and make him/her go to rehab to detoxify.

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