Should Parents Lose Custody of Children If They’re Drug Addicts?

Should Parents Lose Custody of Children If They’re Drug Addicts?

Drug addiction is normally serious problem that often ties needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is a malicious practice that in the vent that one does not seek help very soon may end up causing more damage than good to an individual and a family as well. In the event that a child is involved in the event that the child is a minor. Then things tend to change drastically as a child is not a pawn to be played around with.

Child custody is one of the hardest thing that a person can go through be it the child or the parent themselves. Fighting over the custody of a child may result in various outcomes that may lead one to actually change themselves as the love of a parent at times surpasses the addiction. Having a change in character and actually being willing to go through rehabilitation may just make the court consider giving custody. However, they may first get visitation rights before being awarded full custody of the child or children while at this time they will be supervised thoroughly.

However, one may easily lose custody of the child in the vent that they still do practice irresponsible behavior such as prostitution, and the use of drugs in the presence or even absence of a child. This is because the child who is under the primary care of a parent who abuses drugs may easily be a victim of different types of abuse such as verbal, physical and mental. They may also be used for sexual exploitation in order for the parent to be able to fund their bad habit and human trafficking may happen as well. This will automatically make the parent lose their custody over a child as that is a direct violation if the rights of the child. The intoxicated aren’t is normally considered to be unable to have sound judgment or be aware of their own surrounding. In such a case, the parent will automatically lose their custody rights and unless they change their behavior, then the child if a minor, will end up being put in the system.

Nevertheless, drug addicted parents should lose custody of their children as the child if a minor will then have to take care of themselves which at this point is not their responsibility. The child may also be forced to take care of his/her younger siblings in the event that the parent is not capable. This is a direct violation of the child’s rights. Most drug abusing patients, normally lose track of time and this may easily affect how the children grow. In the event that the child is young and cannot fend for themselves, then this may be an even bigger problem as the parent may even forget the child. In such an event, the parent should then by all means lose custody of the child.

Most children who have parents affected by drug abuse may to some extent end up turning into drug addicts as well which is not a good thing. Hence, to avoid this all together, the child may easily be taken away from the parent and the parent unless they change their ways may end up losing custody over their child.

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