Help For College Student Addiction Treatment

It can be difficult during college. The pressure to both perform academically and socially can put a huge amount of stress on a person. So it’s no wonder addiction to a variety of chemicals is rampant throughout college campuses. Everything from alcoholism to gambling and cocaine addictions can, and often do, wind up becoming problems.

But they don’t have to become problems that force you out of school. College student addiction treatment is possible if you’re willing to apply yourself and be determined to quit. It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction you have, there’s a treatment center and a treatment plan to help you.

Path Of Addiction In College

Multiple studies have been done to show that addiction is as much about life situations as it is the chemical dependency. That is to say, there are many people who either cut back or give up their drug of choice completely when they’re taken out of a stressful life situation. The chemical dependency can make it difficult, but no one wakes up one morning and thinks to themselves “I want to completely ruin my life to take drugs”.

Unfortunately, college student addiction treatment often falls short in helping this issue. It’s not exactly possible to simply duck out of college until it’s no longer as stressful. This quickly becomes the entire focal point of the addiction. You can’t leave college, you have to get good grades, so one more bump of cocaine/one more amphetamine pill/one more drink can help you through.

Or you’re like one of the other thousands of college students who become stressed and party for release. Unfortunately, by the time you’re done partying, you may have discovered yet again that you’ve missed the turn-in date on an important paper, or passed out drunk and slept through an important exam.

However the process goes, the basic formula is “become stressed, take drugs, repeat”. And the next thing you know, quitting becomes impossible.

Tips To Help Yourself

Obviously, “just cut back” isn’t really a solution. If it was, you would have already done it. While it’s true that some people can take a deep breath and force themselves on the straight and narrow, many more people find that path a bit too narrow to walk. It doesn’t take long before they slip up again, and then they have to start back at square one. It can be so disheartening that many people slide further into their addictions.

However, while you can’t change your desire you can change your schedule. If at all possible, readjust your class schedule to take fewer classes. This might result in graduating later than you’d want, but it’s better than not graduating at all. In addition, try changing up your social life. Many people will claim “if they talk you into ruining your life, they’re not really friends”, but that’s completely incorrect. However, just because they’re your friend doesn’t mean they’re actually helping you succeed.

Friendship is complicated that way.

Getting Outside Help

Often times, outside help for college student addiction treatment is sparse. It’s hard to check yourself into rehab when you have to make it to class at 9 am the next day.

However, if you look around you’ll find a lot of different support groups for college students. Society will often shame a person for reaching out for help, but don’t listen to those people. You should be able to take as many drugs as you want, even if that number is “zero”.

Ultimately, only you can decide if you need help. But if you do, don’t hesitate. Reach out before you let your life spiral further. It’s your life, you have a right to live it the way you want.