College and Addiction


As teens progress from high school and start their initial year of college, sometime college may turn out to be different than they had originally imagined it. Some carry the expectation that college is all about having a good time, party, and they imagine classes with laid-back professors. While some colleges do have their fair share of good times, parties, and laid back professors, this is not the typical experience.

Going away to college is often the first-time young adults are away from home for any stretch of time. Students usually want to fit in, find themselves, and often are delighted with their newfound self-determination. However, these freedoms are often taken too far, as college campuses have a higher rate of partying and unlawful drugs.

Many college administrators look the other way, thinking of drinking and illegal drug use as rites of passage. Fraternities and sororities are known for episodes of hazing, which quite often consist of drinking and other drugs.

The most common reasons why college students abuse drugs include:

Anxiety-  When college students are feeling their first real sense of independence or their first taste of liberty, it can be overwhelming. They may have never been this much far away from their parents or home for a prolonged period of time, and emotions can be high during these unsure new times. It is nerve-wracking turning into an adult, and due to the newborn freedom and obligation of taking control of their own lives. Alcohol or drugs can be a solution to handling the stress.

Peer pressure-  In early school years, children are trained to “just say no” to drugs. This is because most kids as they grow up are likely to be offered drugs or alcohol for the first time by their peers. College students are often trying to find themselves and discover what type of person they want to become. During this confusing time, they may cave to peer pressure if the opportunity to try drugs or alcohol arises.

Social engagements- Alcohol and certain drugs can make an individual more talkative and outgoing. For those who aren’t used to the party scene, or anyone looking to make more friends on campus, this can be an alluring prospect that may be too hard to resist. Heavy drinking while partying can easily become problematic drinking or develop into an alcohol addiction issue.

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