Understanding College Students with Addiction Issues


Entering college can sometimes bring dilemmas because you will be exposed to a new environment with a new set of people. This apprehensiveness will simply pass by, but some people will not always be able to handle the stress of college life.


Nonetheless, getting along with new individuals can be tough, especially if you have to deal with colleagues with addiction issues. Sometimes, college students lose control of their partying, and this is when the ideas of drug rehab and addiction treatment come into play.


When you speak of the word “addiction,” this may pertain to different kinds of addictions. It can be an addiction to video games, drugs, or alcohol. An addiction is usually a harmful and constant need for a thing, activity, or substance.


Some addictions can be managed through an addiction treatment. These are addictions to certain types of activity or thing that do not really have harmful effects on a person’s well-being and do not require drug rehab. However, take note that there are addictions that can definitely cause harm, which might result in the need for drug rehab to curb one’s behavior. Some of the most common of these are addictions to drugs and alcohol.


However, you may wonder about the common signs and symptoms of an addiction to drugs and alcohol before considering addiction treatment or drug rehab. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they can manifest several signs and symptoms. These include cravings, tolerance, physical dependence, poor judgment, drug-seeking, withdrawal symptoms, neglected responsibilities, financial trouble, isolation, and unhealthy relationships.


Other than the signs and symptoms of drug addiction, you must also be aware of the reasons why college students turn to drugs. This, in turn, can help you understand them better and their needs.


Reasons Why Some College Students Become Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol


  • Curiosity- College gives you a freedom that is entirely different from your experience of grade school or high school, and you might start exhibiting a curiosity in all sorts of activities and substances. In order to satisfy your urge to explore, you may tend to engage in some activities without knowing or caring about the consequences.
  • Peer Pressure- Because of curiosity and the presence of people who are into using drugs and drinking alcohol, you might find yourself getting coerced into partaking in these substances in an effort to fit in.
  • Stress- A lot of college students use drugs and drink alcohol to cope with college life, which can be stressful and demanding due to course assignments, internships, part-time jobs, and even social obligations.
  • Course load- Some students try to use drugs in order to stay awake during long exam periods. An example of a drug that is usually taken by college students is Adderall, which can normally be bought without a doctor’s prescription.


If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, knowing the above reasons can help you understand yourself and even other college students around you. Prevention always starts with knowing the cause of your addiction. You must start acknowledging the fact that there is a problem which needs to be resolved. With drug addiction, that can be resolved through an addiction treatment that comes in the form of drug rehab.


There are different kinds of addiction treatment. It can be residential treatment, where you need to live at a treatment facility for a period of time. This allows you to focus on your drug rehab without distractions. The other kind of addiction treatment is outpatient treatment, where you need to go to a treatment center for sessions but you are allowed to go home after every meeting.


In summary, knowing the signs and symptoms, reasons, and treatment options are just some of the measures to understanding college students with addiction issues. In fact, reading this article is already a good sign that you are concerned to yourself or to someone you know who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. By understanding yourself and others, you can make sure your college life is free from addiction, and you can even help people who are having substance abuse issues.