How to Maintain a Sober Lifestyle While in College


While socialization and building relationships in college are initially positive experiences, sometimes they come with temptations. When you talk to different individuals, maintaining a sober living lifestyle can sometimes be difficult. Parties usually include alcohol or even drugs, and coming into contact with these substances may tempt you to imbibe despite your best intentions. With your aspiration to make good friends, sometimes you can lose your focus.


One of the temptations at universities that can create much havoc in your life is out of control drug use. Sometimes, people who tell themselves that they’ll just try using drugs once end up trapped in a self-destructive cycle of drug abuse. When you have a tendency of becoming addicted to drugs, addiction treatment or drug rehab is necessary to help you recover. While socializing and maintaining a sober living lifestyle can be a bit tricky, balancing the two is possible through strength of will.


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the possible consequences of drug use. It is not easy, but this is the first thing that you need to do– THINK. Take into account the outcome of your actions and the trade-offs when you require addiction treatment or drug rehab. Knowing how to maintain a sober living lifestyle is vital as you socialize with all sorts of individuals.


As you go through your daily interactions, keep in mind these tips that can help you maintain a sober living lifestyle and avoid the possibility of losing control of your habits.


Tips on How to Divert Drug Use Temptation


  1. Learn how drug addiction advances – Always bear in mind that drug addiction develops when you use drugs for recreational purposes, abuse addictive medication, and seek intoxication after every use. If you have to use a certain drug, always consult your doctor before using them.
  2. Avoid peer pressure – This may get in the way of your college social life because you will always have peers wherever you go. However, you have the choice of maintain a sober living lifestyle by being with friends who practice good habits.
  3. Seek the right support – If you are going through an emotional crisis, you are more likely to try using drugs to cope with the things causing stress in your life. Do not wait until you need to be in costly drug rehab or addiction treatment and start by finding a reliable support system. They can come in the form of a knowledgeable therapist or a social community that you can share your thoughts and worries with.
  4. Maintain healthful habits – Most of the time, getting addicted to drugs is associated with emotional distress. Thus, you need to aspire to wash away all the toxic emotions you have. You can only achieve this when you start practicing healthy habits such as eating healthier, exercising, and even having a positive mantra.


If you have already started developing a drug addiction, do not fret because there is a way to stop it. You can always seek help from a treatment facility for drug rehab. Usually, drug rehab comes as a residential type of treatment wherein you need to live in a treatment facility for a duration of time.


However, there is an addiction treatment that can still let you go through your normal life through outpatient treatment. With this addiction treatment, you can go through several sessions then go home after.


Those who wish to become sober can also consider a notable drug rehab facility called a sober living facility. This institution is suitable for those who have already gone through drug rehab but are having a hard time adjusting to their daily lives and remaining sober because of all the toxic influences around them.


Lastly, any addiction treatment can be avoided if you start college life thinking of staying sober as you interact with individuals. There will be no need to enroll in a treatment facility or a sober living facility if in the first place, you have fought off the temptation to use addictive drugs. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.




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